First time to try Ethiopian good and really enjoyed it! Great place!
First time to try Ethiopian good and really enjoyed it! Great place!
Heather Blount via - Jul 18, 2018
No fuss restaurant with a really ...
No fuss restaurant with a really delicious lunch buffet. We had been curious about the Ethiopian food scene and felt like this place gave is a pretty good understanding. We liked everything we tried but were split on our opinion of the flat bread used to scoop the dishes.
Hannah G A. via - Jul 12, 2018
Very pleasant experience
I went here for dinner at about 5:00pm on a Monday while on a business trip. I confessed my ignorance of Ethiopian cuisine to my waiter and he graciously assisted me with ordering. He expressed his concern that the beef combo plate that I selected...More ... read more
m70evans via - Jul 9, 2018
Very flavorful food, especially the red lentils! Nice staff and very fast on getting the food to our table.
Claire Robertson via - Jul 9, 2018
Tasty ! Great experience
The outside of the restaurant appears a bit rundown and off putting. If we hadn’t know the food was good, I’d have not gone inside. The interior decor was clean and spacious (see pics I took). We went late lunchtime and there were just a...More ... read more
MyHobbyIsTravel via - Jul 7, 2018
I have never tried Ethiopian food ...
I have never tried Ethiopian food before, so this is my first experience trying it. I really love it!! Ethiopian food is the bomb! The environment is very nice and clean. Waiters and waitresses are super friendly. I really enjoyed my time. If you are visiting Austin, you should def stop by this place!!!! Highly suggested!
Peggy W. via - Jul 2, 2018
The food here is wonderful! This ...
The food here is wonderful! This is the second Ethiopian restaurant we've been to in Austin and we were not disappointed at all. The service was a bit slow, but the flavor and portions of the meals made up for that.
Shahara R. via - Jul 1, 2018
We've been here several times usually with a coupon but this last time we came here to celebrate our granddaughters High School graduation. We chose to sit on traditional Ethiopian furniture and eat Ethiopian Style, IE one large dish shared by all. It was a great way to celebrate a special day.
Rosiland DuPont via - Jun 27, 2018
Good food and service ... read more
Traveller From TX via - Jun 26, 2018
Very different
I found the vegetarian options to be lacking. The potato dish was good but it was just potatoes. The beets were good but the "bread" was too sour and not satisfying. It was fun to try though!
Kuhllikethat via - Jun 23, 2018
This food was SOOO good!!
Tomaleata Brown via - Jun 22, 2018
Lunch buffet:-) ... read more
NateandCaroline Marti via - Jun 16, 2018
Since I'm not very familiar with ...
Since I'm not very familiar with Ethiopian cuisine, I decided to sample some items on their lunch buffet. I was glad I did because it offered lots of veggies and stews, which I found to be filling and flavorful. Thumbs up!
D B. via - Jun 13, 2018
Hands down my favorite Ethiopian restaurant in Austin. Great lunch buffet, and great for dinner. Mostly very generous portions, and I suggest asking for extra injera early on because you won't want to wait for even one second while they bring more mid-meal.
Erin Elan via - Jun 8, 2018
The outside doesn't look very nice but the inside is cute and the food is delicious! Service has never been A problem here either!
Lorena Pesantez via - Jun 6, 2018
Beautiful presentation. Friendly helpful wait staff, fun atmosphere. Authentic food wonderful flavors.
Marla Stroup via - Jun 4, 2018
Terrific food ... read more
Brett Spence via - Jun 2, 2018
We've been to this restaurant several ...
We've been to this restaurant several times and never disappointed. This time we went to celebrate our granddaughter's High School graduation. We chose to sit on the more traditional Ethiopian furniture which made it quite fun. There were six of us and our waiter, Neftelim or Nick, helped us choose a variety of dishes, meat and veget ... read more
Rosiland D. via - Jun 1, 2018
Good veggie options.Food is ok. Wish they kept sambusas or any other appetizer in lunch buffet.
Amit Kulkarni via - Jun 1, 2018
Great little place. Outside looks a little rough but very cool on the inside. Only my second Ethiopian restaurant but most of the foods on the lunch buffet I really liked. Key siga wot (spicy beef) and the baklava were my favorites. Great service.
Brandon Lopez via - May 29, 2018
Habesha is a lovely restaurant with excellent food and good service. The menu is very understandable for people not familiar with Ethiopian food, but the food itself is authentic and delicious. Meals are served on one large platter and if you want utensils, you will need to ask for them, but the food is best enjoyed pinched between s ... read more
Cecily Luft via - May 27, 2018
Fun place to share food and conversation. Food is fresh.
Sandra Wilcox via - May 26, 2018
Awesome food, even better environment. I ate 2 buffet plates and could have jogged a mile afterwards. If you haven't tried this place put it on your list.
Carl Demps via - May 24, 2018
delicious and authentic Ethiopian food ... read more
Zeyad Umer via - May 18, 2018
Wonderful food. Wonderful service. Excellent strong coffee.
Sue via - May 12, 2018
This place changed names but the food and service are still amazing ... read more
Global Tranquillity via - May 7, 2018
This place is so wonderful. The buffet is killer and the environment and the people make me want to
This place is so wonderful. The buffet is killer and the environment and the people make me want to sit there all day! Best injera I’ve ever had.
Lisa Michelle Jackson via - Apr 30, 2018
Quiet place. Maybe a little too quiet. Lots of options and also a bar. They serve ethopian beer and wine which is pretty cool. Wine is verrrryyy sweet though. First time trying Ethiopian, ordered the vegan sampler, reminded me of Indian in a great way. Meat options are kinda pricey. Overall it was a good experience.
Veronica Fabian via - Apr 26, 2018
This is some of my favorite food in Austin. Bear in mind that Ethiopian is a unique cuisine, but if you like to try new things this can be really delicious comfort food. They have excellent vegetarian and non-veg options.
Danny Strinden via - Apr 25, 2018
The Awazay Tibs was amazing, but ...
The Awazay Tibs was amazing, but the downfall is that no vegetables came with it. Only the salad and injera so it was a lot of meat totally worth the price. You have to order vegetables separate from the meat you order. So that can be pricey, but its low prices separate. Great also for vegans a lot of choices I seen on the menu.
Donjana A. via - Apr 21, 2018
Excellent and authentic Ethiopian ...
Excellent and authentic Ethiopian food. Ribs were plentiful and tender and the breakfast was amazing. Coffee ceremony was delicious and enjoyable.
Michele Hartmann T. via - Apr 17, 2018
Great Ethiopian food! Will go again.
Sandeep Bhalla via - Apr 16, 2018
The food was good and tasty...I loaded up on to go buffet vegetarian full as a tick ... read more
mobee anderson via - Apr 16, 2018
Good quality food and well in budget.
Good quality food and well in budget.
Waheed A. via - Apr 10, 2018
The best place in town for an Ethiopian food!
Yidne fantu via - Apr 10, 2018
This is one of my favorite Ethiopian ...
This is one of my favorite Ethiopian places. I love that the veggie platter is under 15.00$ and they serve so many different types of vegetarian dishes on it. I also love that they will make fresh gluten-free teff flour fermented injera upon request. It almost has a hint of cinnamon flavor to it. They are extremely polite and give aw ... read more
Spritti B. via - Apr 8, 2018
The food was all fresh, colorful, and delicious. My fiancé and I shared the vegetarian platter and
The food was all fresh, colorful, and delicious. My fiancé and I shared the vegetarian platter and one of the lamb dishes, both of which were total winners. We look forward to eating here again soon!
Hasmig Aroian via - Mar 30, 2018
Delicious lunch buffet ... read more
Patricia Kelly via - Mar 29, 2018
Slow service, not a very clean place, good food though ... read more
bhavana moryani via - Mar 26, 2018
I have experience for four years ... read more
Desta Mesele via - Mar 26, 2018
First time my mom & aunt had Ethiopian food! Picked it up & brought it home. Loved It!
Marisol Bernal via - Mar 24, 2018
Great spot for those who adhere ...
Great spot for those who adhere to a vegan diet. I don't believe their injera is gluten-free but there are at least a dozen vegan options. I went with the veggie combo platter and stuffed jalapeño peppers... amazing!! Would def come back again. It's a large space so great for big groups or parties too.
Veronica R. via - Mar 20, 2018
Great foods, the lamb dishes are to die for!
Thi Huynh via - Mar 17, 2018
Really delicious food. I tried the doro tibs and bozena shiro and both were great. The portions aren't massive, but the food is *really* filling. The restaurant looks really nice inside as well - would be good for a date imo.
David Adamik via - Mar 14, 2018
Great Ethiopian lunch buffet win meat and vegetarian choices. Includes dessert!
alan .holt via - Mar 13, 2018
God food, nice staff.
Mats Oliwsson via - Mar 9, 2018
Amazing and delicious as always!
Chris Luley via - Mar 7, 2018
Great place to have Ethiopian cultural food ... read more
Red1 Mahdi via - Mar 5, 2018
I confess, we live right by Habesha ...
I confess, we live right by Habesha and have been meaning to try it for years, but just never got around to it. We finally ordered a few dishes to go tonight and were really impressed!  I felt compelled to share a review to make sure that the word continues to get out about Habesha. I love to support locally-owned restaurants, and wa ... read more
JM G. via - Feb 28, 2018
Amazing experience and friendly staff. The tea especially was esquisite.
Ryan Mauldin via - Feb 26, 2018
Everything tasted good. I was hoping for more spice. Friendly people and cool decor.
Luke S via - Feb 20, 2018
I always make this one of my stops when I’m in Austin. I love their food so much!
I always make this one of my stops when I’m in Austin. I love their food so much!
Jovanna Lopez via - Feb 20, 2018
Delicious, really liked this place! ...
Delicious, really liked this place! It was my first time trying Ethiopian food and it was honestly a really good overall experience. Our waitress was great at giving us recommendations and telling us all about the food. Service was a little slow but not too slow to complain, and food is a little expensive, but overall don't regret co ... read more
Isabella G. via - Feb 19, 2018
Friendly service & awesome food ...
Friendly service & awesome food.  I'd give 5 stars if they didn't use styrofoam for takeout.
Michael B. via - Feb 17, 2018
Great food and service!! just not ...
Great food and service!! just not a good location to get to easily!!!
Lata S. via - Feb 7, 2018
This is our first experience tasting ...
This is our first experience tasting Ethiopian food.  The other Yelp reviews gave me courage to try Habesha in Austin.  We did not need reservations for Tuesday night, but it sounds like we might have needed one if it were a weekend.  The interior is warm and inviting.  There are tables and chairs (instead of big cushions on the floo ... read more
Blythe D. via - Feb 6, 2018
Enjoyed nice food great location...
Zeny Girma via - Feb 5, 2018
Great ... read more
J4 dance party at GTMO J4 dance party at GTMO via - Feb 4, 2018
We've never had Ethiopian food ...
We've never had Ethiopian food, so it was definitely an adventurous night out! We ordered the chicken doro tibs meal with rice and the bozena shiro, a chickpea sauce and beef with their form of tortilla (injera). The injera was unlike anything we've ever had - it was like sourdough that looked like a sponge and tasted like naan! It w ... read more
Judy S. via - Jan 28, 2018
Delicious food. A great bounty.
C Benavides via - Jan 27, 2018
Reasonably priced and good vegetarian options. Love their doro tibbs.
prashipa selvaraj via - Jan 27, 2018
Good food and friendly staff ... read more
Kuba Smieciuszewski via - Jan 23, 2018
So.ethimg new.culture wise ... read more
Roberto Guillen via - Jan 21, 2018
So yummy! Went here for dinner ...
So yummy! Went here for dinner on a Friday night. Staff was incredibly nice. It's very cozy inside. The food is VERY affordable and delicious! Really enjoyed the ambience and experience. Recommend!
Haley E. via - Jan 20, 2018
The food was sooooo delicious! And Mekdes, our waitress, was excellent!!
JONaTHaN TReYLuX via - Jan 20, 2018
It was our first time eating Ethiopian food. We missed the buffet but we are glad we did. The veget
It was our first time eating Ethiopian food. We missed the buffet but we are glad we did. The vegetarian platter gave us enough variety to try different dishes and share. There were some meat curry dishes on the menu that some people around us ordered that looked real good too. Will try that next time. This cuisine is quite underrat ... read more
Pooja Vaid Bishnoi via - Jan 16, 2018
Amazing food! I always walk away full and happy. Try the Tej wine, it is so good.
S.D. Schultz via - Jan 13, 2018
So flavorful. We will continue to cone back and bring friends and family. An abundance of delicious food for a great price!
Kat E via - Jan 9, 2018
it was good while it lasted
I thoroughly enjoy Ethiopian food and this restaurant seemed perfect, it is in my area, the food received rave reviews and the setting was rather lovely. The first time I dined was with friends and the food, true to the hype, was quite nice. the...More ... read more
isluecke123 via - Jan 6, 2018
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